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"Your band was excellent the other night, by the way!  You can play the f*** out of the drums.  You guys have a very nice surfer-swing, vintage-ish sound.  I was digging it."   

~one guy we played djembes with once.


"There is no doubt that Hand Drawn Maps has found their niche, bringing you a one of a kind musical genre and, in a land where there is so much cookie cutter music, this new sound is welcomed and very refreshing.  With catchy music, poetic lyrics, edgy indie vocals and some grit and groove,  Hand Drawn Maps in undoubtedly a talented group of musicians with the capability of reaching out to mass audiences and their song “BLACKbeach” is  proof of the group’s ability to achieve new levels of originality." 

~Indie Spoonful

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"Let me introduce you to Hand Drawn Maps, Los Angeles based indie pop three-piece who fuse together indie-pop elements with surf rock to create something cool yet completely relaxing. Their music is fresh and catchy - much like their band name."

~Liquid Entertainment 

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"The first thing I thought of when I heard James’ voice was Ben Gibbard from Death Cab for Cutie and The Postal Service. James’ voice is very similar to Gibbard’s in tonal qualities and range. If you are a fan of Death Cab, you will find particular enjoyment in Hand Drawn Maps." ~independent clauses

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"Enter Hand Drawn Maps pleasant sound and Los Angeles location, and as luck would have it, we had a winner… ~Jam In The Van

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“This week’s essential playlist comes from Hand Drawn Maps, an Indie Surf Rock/Pop band from LA. We introduced you to them back in December, when they released their EP, ‘Kites’.” ~Essentially Pop

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Based in Los Angeles, CA
Founded in 2015
Genre: #IndieRock #Alternative #IndiePop #SurfRock
Label: independent
Stewart James - Vocals/Guitar
Mercedes Cruz - Drums
Blake Baldwin - Bass


Hand Drawn Maps is a local LA-based independent rock band. These musical artists have really found their niche bringing a distinct mix of Indie-pop and surf rock to the local scene. 


Guitarist/Vocalist/Songwriter Stewart James was born and raised In Manhattan Beach in the suburbs of LA. This is where the "Beach Music" influence comes from. It's hard not to be inspired when you grow up a few blocks from the beautiful ocean. As soon as they met in Los Angeles and stepped into that rehearsal space, they never left. "We are just people who found a common bond in the music, and I don't think any of us would ever change that" said guitarist Stewart James. 


Percussionist Mercedes Cruz is from Minnesota, where they actually have seasons and not just summer all year long.  When she's not making music, she's spending time with her pups.

Blake is an LA bred multi-instrumentalist, producer, and songwriter. Growing up on SoCal punk and metal, Blake has since began writing and playing many different styles of music all over California. Currently listening to The Growlers on repeat.  



Stewart James
Stewart James



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